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Jimmy Page portrait offer


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Jimmy Page portrait offer

Limited edition
Just 300 magnificent silk screen prints of legendary rock guitarist Jimmy Page, by international artist Sandra Lawrence.

Personally signed. Each print measuring approximately 30" by 31" (image size 25" by 25") is hand signed by both Jimmy Page and the artist.

A brilliant investment
At just ᅡᆪ500 each, these beautiful prints are not only fine works of art but valuable collectors items.

Helping defeat child poverty
All profits from this great offer will be donated to Task Brasil Trust and Action for Brazil's Children Trust.

How to buy
The prints are now ready for purchase. Please download the order form here (pdf document, 80Kb), print it, complete it and post it back to us.
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(please note that P&P will have to be adjusted to the following: UK ᅡᆪ13.10; Europe ᅡᆪ16.40; Worldwide ᅡᆪ42.55)

Jimmy Page

Guitarist; Composer; Producer; Songwriter; ROCK LEGEND.
As a teenager Jimmy Page quickly became one of Britain¬タルs most prolific and sought after studio players, with guitar credits on countless sessions.

In 1966 he accepted an offer to join the YARDBIRDS and after two years went on to create the band LED ZEPPELIN.

As a record producer, songwriter and musical leader, Jimmy drove the band to become one of the most successful and influential in rock history.

1994 saw the return of Jimmy Page and Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant in a musical collaboration that produced the innovative album ¬タリNo Quarter¬タル.

Whilst Jimmy was in Brazil, promoting this album, a minor civil war broke loose in the biggest and most infamous favela (shanty town) in Rio de Janeiro. From his hotel room, Jimmy could see army tanks moving up the hill into the favela. It shocked him to see this happening while he was there.

Feeling he needed to do something to relieve the plight of the street children, Jimmy became involved with TaskBrasil Trust (The Abandoned Street Kids of Brasil Trust) which resulted in a safe house in Rio. He also became patron of ABC Trust (Action for Brazil¬タルs Children Trust) which finances projects working with children at risk in the impoverished North East Brazilian state of Bahia.

Sandra Lawrence

Sandra Lawrence studied at St Martin¬タルs School of Art, London, Byam Shaw School of Art and Senora Simi¬タルs School of Art in Florence. She has exhibited widely throughout the United Kingdom and the USA and was commissioned by Lord Dulverton to design and paint the full size cartoons for the Overlord Embroidery, a modern day counterpart of the Bayeux Tapestry, depicting the story of the Allied Invasion of Normandy now housed in the D-Day Museum Portsmouth. The original cartoons, running 272 feet in length, hang in the Pentagon, Washington DC.

Sandra is equally at home painting portraits, wild life or still life compositions. Art critic Edward Lucie Smith has said of her work "Sandra Lawrence has established herself as a glitteringly skilful realist painter during a period when realism has been increasingly challenged. Her paintings are pre-eminently to be lived with since they sustain repeated scrutiny."

The original portrait of Jimmy Page is now in private ownership in the USA.

Silk screen printing

Silk screen printing evolved from the ancient art of stencilling, where stencils were held together by a fine mesh or human hair and used to resist the application of ink or colour to a surface.

Modern day silk screen printing uses a mesh of silk stretched over a frame, a stencil is fixed to the mesh and coloured ink is forced through the mesh by a squeegee blade, reproducing an image of exceptional clarity and brilliance.

The silk screen reproduction of the portrait of Jimmy Page has been undertaken by Coriander Studios who focus exclusively on the production of top quality limited editions. Coriander enjoy a close working relationship with some of the most celebrated artists in the UK.

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